i was searching for a solution for wordpress to have static blocks from magento 2 and with this plugin i had a seamless integration between these 2 platforms
★★★★★55 Richan
Datum: 12-12-2016

I found the perfect extension for Magento 2.0
★★★★★4,55 Albert
Datum: 20-09-2016

I ordered the Magento 2 WordPress Integration Plugin, works perfect!
★★★★★55 Richards
Datum: 11-12-2016

The (Zopim) Chat for WordPress works really well for my company!
★★★★★55 Amernath
Datum: 08-08-2016

I really like the costumer service of Modern Modules. They always answer my questions quick and accurate!
★★★★★4,55 Prakash
Datum: 13-02-2017

Everything perfect!
★★★★★55 Raj
Datum: 15-12-2016

was looking for a plugin for magento 2 and wordpress. To combine these 2 platforms. Then I found your plugin, which can be used for the statistic blocks for Magento 2. Now it looks really good on my wordpress site
★★★★★45 Aagnej
Datum: 08-08-2016

great support
★★★★★4,55 Jagjit
Datum: 19-04-2017

Manual to integrate the plugin was very clear!
★★★★★55 jaabir
Datum: 28-04-2017

Fair price for the Magento AFAS ERP Integration!
★★★★★45 D. Nandan
Datum: 10-05-2017

Had first some problems with the chat, but the service team helped me great. And everything is working good now!
★★★★★4,55 Donald
Datum: 30-05-2017

Combined Magento & WordPress with this plugin. Works fantastic!
★★★★★55 Parvati
Datum: 03-01-2017

Looked a while for a plugin to Include Magento blocks in my WordPress site. Came to this website and works good.
★★★★★45 T. Bohorquez
Datum: 21-03-2017

The manual to install the plugin I first did not understand, but with help of costumer service I managed to install it correctly
★★★★★4,55 Samir
Datum: 27-03-2017

Easy to integrate my magento webshop in wordpress!
★★★★★55 D. Shobit
Datum: 28-09-2016

Thanks! Plugin for Mangento 2 vs WordPress works really well.
★★★★★55 Deepak
Datum: 11-11-2016

Contacted the support team for some help. They were very patient with me, since I’m not a computernerd it took me a while to understand how to install the plugin and integrate it with WordPress.
★★★★★4,55 Paola
Datum: 01-11-2016

Easy to install, works great!
★★★★★55 Guillermo
Datum: 30-01-2017

Good description of installing. I could do it myself.
★★★★★45 D. Villiaverde
Datum: 03-02-2016

The Magento 2 WordPress Integration Plugin works great!
★★★★★4,55 Björn
Datum: 19-07-2016

Doubted to buy the Magento 2 WordPress Integration Plugin, but very happy with it now.
★★★★★55 Chung
Datum: 24-09-2015

The Magento WordPress Plugin is worth it! Although I first thought 40 dollar was a bit too much, I’m now very happy
Datum: 18-05-2017

Support team helped me great with the integration of the Magento 2 Plugin
★★★★★4,55 Alex
Datum: 04-12-2015

Works perfect
★★★★★55 Jennifer
Datum: 16-02-2016

Really satisfied with the Magento 2 plugin for my wordpress site. Found it a bit difficult to install it, but that is probably just me, I’m not that handy.
★★★★★45 Rory
Datum: 17-03-2016

The Magento 2 Plugin works good with my wordpress site.
★★★★★4,55 Mark
Datum: 28-04-2016

I really recommend the Magento 2 WordPress Integration Plugin!
★★★★★55 Jess
Datum: 07-09-2015

Took me a while to install the Magento 2 plugin. but works fine now
★★★★★45 Courtney
Datum: 28-04-2017

Happy that it works with the Magento 2 Enterprise edition!
★★★★★55 Adith
Datum: 11-02-2016

I have premium wordpress installation, good.
★★★★★55 Jugjeed
Datum: 05-05-2016

Was first difficult for me. But with help it worked
★★★★★45 Pratik
Datum: 13-03-2016

Use the plugin now for a while, integration between wordpress and magento 2 works good.
★★★★★4,55 Pardesh
Datum: 24-03-2016

I really like the plugin for magento 2
★★★★★55 Roopesh
Datum: 12-04-2016

Works fine
★★★★★45 Prakashsingh
Datum: 27-02-2017

Costumer service helped me really good
★★★★★4,55 Lagan
Datum: 05-04-2017

I installed the plugin really quickly!
★★★★★55 Kapoor
Datum: 03-01-2017

Easy to install, works really good
★★★★★45 Hritik
Datum: 23-11-2015

Really recommend the plugin for Magento 2 with wordpress.
★★★★★4,55 Sunil
Datum: 05-04-2016

Service is great.
★★★★★55 Jean
Datum: 30-04-2016

Magento extension for wordpress werkt goed voor mijn website.
★★★★★55 Hendrick
Datum: 31-12-2016

Recommonend these plugins
★★★★★4,55 Shatki
Datum: 19-03-2017

Not too expensive for an amazing wordpress extension!
★★★★★55 Roshan
Datum: 09-08-2015

Bought already two different plugins here for my wordpress site. Works really well, with clear instructions.
★★★★★55 George
Datum: 10-10-2015

Since I install this, I no longer problems.
★★★★★55 Lochan
Datum: 20-05-2016

After contacting you I downloaded the plugin for magento 2 integration with wordpress. Works great.
★★★★★55 Amir
Datum: 28-05-2017

I thought I could install the plugin immediately, but had to contact you first. but no problem now
★★★★★45 Aardeep
Datum: 16-02-2017

Good instructions on how to install the thing
★★★★★4,55 Aicardo
Datum: 06-11-2015

I just started a website and a friend of mine referred me to your plugins. Clear instructions and great plugin!
★★★★★55 Aroja
Datum: 28-08-2015

Very Handy!
★★★★★45 Anwar
Datum: 21-10-2015

downloaded your plugin to connect to wordpress. Works good and very cheap vor 10 dollars.
★★★★★55 T Brand
Datum: 03-07-2016

Magento 2 for wordpress plugin does what it promisses.
★★★★★45 Keiron
Datum: 24-05-2017

Definitelly recommend buying plugins from Modern Modules!
★★★★★55 Happy
Datum: 24-08-2015

Never had issues with plugins from modernmodules. Bought them for several sites for clients.
★★★★★55 Indru
Datum: 28-04-2016

Due to time differences they can not always answer instantly, but I guess that’s ok. Plugin works well.
★★★★★45 Farid
Datum: 29-03-2017

I searched the internet but couldn’t find many more trustfull websites which are selling magento 2 plugins. Really happy I found you guys. thanks for all the support and being so patient with me! Will come back for more plugins 😉
★★★★★55 Jothi
Datum: 19-11-2016

Looking forward for more and new extensions for magento 2!
★★★★★55 Kanta
Datum: 02-09-2016

clear instructions, but still bit difficult.
★★★★★45 Deejah
Datum: 19-03-2017

Think the magento 2 plugin is worth every penny (dollar) I spent on it!
★★★★★4,55 George
Datum: 22-03-2016

I had a good talk with the costumer service. Now I know how to install the plugin, thanks!
★★★★★55 Hanson
Datum: 19-08-2016

Just bought the plugin for magento 2. It didn’t took me long to install the plugin. And now it works perfectly! Amazing!
★★★★★55 Ranode
Datum: 12-06-2017