Magento 2 Personalization Module

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Best Choice for Magento 2Magento 2 Personalization Module allows you to personalize your webshop to specific marketing segments. Show different content for different customer groups & behavior to give your customers a more personalized experience.

Increase your conversion and sales by targeting different visitor segments based on order history, demographics or site actions.

  • Dynamic content for CMS pages, blocks, XML-layout, PHTML.
  • Unlimited amount of segments based on demographics, sales, site behavior.
  • Fully compatible with Amasty Customer Segmentation Extension
  • Support for different store views


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Use the same optimized checkout as e-commerce giants!

Companies like Amazon & Zalando all offer multistep checkout instead of one page checkouts.
They can’t be wrong: say NO to one step checkouts, embrace multistep!

A common misconception is that One Step Checkout modules are leading to more sales for everyone. However, all big e-commerce players (i.e. Amazon, Walmart, Zalando) choose for a multistep approach instead. By thorough tests on their big customer base they found that a checkout process split in multiple steps is leading to more sales.

By using multiple steps you decrease the psychological barrier to complete an order. At each step you show the right information without over-flooding the user with too many questions at once. Our checkout has been proven to be more effective than modules who show all checkout steps in a single page.

Companies using multistep checkout:

Ecommerce Checkout

Magento 2 Multistep Checkout

What is Magento 2 Multistep Checkout?

A multistep checkout delivers an optimized checkout experience in four simple steps.

There are 3 types of checkout available for Magento. First, Magento 2 native checkout that comes with each installation. All e-commerce experts conclude that native M2 checkout is slow and far from optimal. As a result, many people have bought so-called one page checkout extensions. These plugins move the checkout process to a single page. When you compare One Step Checkout to the native Magento checkout we know that conversion will increase.

However, most e-commerce giants use a multistep checkout that splits the checkout process in 4 simple steps. Since we believe that these companies are leaders in innovation and conversion optimization, we created a checkout extension that follows their example.

Checkout in 4 simple steps

Login, Address, Payment, Confirm, Done! A few simple steps to place an order.

1. Login

Focus on easy login for returning customers or effortless signup for new customers. Collect email-addresses at an early stage so that abandoned cart emails can be send.


2. Address

Select shipping methods and ask for the users shipping and optional billing address. Allow for distinction between home delivery or pickup locations (no shipping address needed).


3. Payment

Show all available payment methods and easily add payment logo’s to create more trust. Experiment with payment fees or increase trust with delivery information.


4. Confirm

Present all information of the previous steps in a quick summary in a way that creates a clear overview so that the user becomes more secure if the purchase.

Why should I use multistep checkout?

Don’t fall for the common misconception that one step checkouts are better for conversion.
Follow the example of Amazon & Zalando and use multistep checkout instead of one page checkout.

One Step Checkout vs Multistep Checkout

One Step Checkout

A checkout where all fields and information is presented in one big page.
Used for: simple products, simple checkout, no need for analytics

Example products: downloads, software, books, games, license keys, plugins, gift cards, manuals, …

  • Shorter checkout times: Customers don’t loose any time in checkout by having to complete multiple steps.
  • Easy to understand: Customers can see all the information you are asking in a single page and thus get a good overview of how much effort it will cost.
  • Clear navigation: Everything is shown in 1 place so customers have less reason to press ‘Back’ in their browser.
  • Intimidating: Showing all input fields at once might intimidate someone from completing the checkout. It might look like too much effort.
  • Lack of information you can ask: Since everything needs to fit on 1 page, you cannot ask all the information you want to know from your customer.
  • Slow loading speed: The loading speed of the checkout page is much slower than when you use a multistep checkout.
  • Missing order review: Some customers would like a confirmation of their input before they finalize their order. In some countries this is a legal necessity.
  • Lack of overview: Since there is no clear flow of steps a customer might loose overview and get confused on what to do.
  • No analytics: There is no information on why and at what step the customer decided to drop out of checkout.

Multistep Checkout

A checkout that splits the checkout proces in a few simple steps.
Used for: expensive & complicated products, more customer input, more trust

Example products: clothes, shoes, electronics, airplane tickets, hotels, services, courses, cars, smartphone covers, furniture, …

  • Gather more customer info: Since there is much more space for input fields you can ask your customers more information.
  • Faster pagespeed: The checkout itself will load much faster because we don’t have to load all information in a single page.
  • Feels more secure: Filling all the required details step by step makes customers feel more secure, especially if they buy something expensive.
  • Extensive analytics: Know why and at what step people are dropping out. Use this information to optimize your checkout steps.
  • Communicate better: There will be more room to communicate important USP’s or delivery and payment information.
  • Cleaner layout: Provide a cleaner, neater and well-organized design and helps to get rid of lengthy and never-ending scrolling pages.
  • Higher checkout times: Since a customer needs to complete several steps it might take more time overall to complete an order.
  • Harder to correct info: Mistakes happen so often while filling out the checkout. To correct customers have to return to the previous step.
  • More clicks: A customer might need to click a couple of times and thus feel more frustrated along the way.

Which checkout has the highest conversion?

Independent research has shown that multistep checkouts have a slightly higher conversion rate.

Some sites claim that one step checkouts are better for conversion. The truth behind one page checkout: it does the same conversions. Extensive research of many data samples showed no big difference in conversion rates. Actually, it showed a slightly bigger conversion rate for multistep checkouts.

Of course, every site is different and there is no magic number of checkout pages that should be applied to every e-commerce site. For some sites, it makes sense to use a single-page checkout but for others breaking the checkout into multiple simple pages might be better.

For most e-commerce sites, however, breaking steps up is beneficial. With equal conversion rates you should clearly choose for multistep checkout since it allows for better data collection & analytics and better communication with your customers.

Multistep Checkout (MSC) vs. One Step Checkout (OSC) conversion rates Multistep Checkout (MSC) vs. One Step Checkout (OSC) conversion rates

Multi-step checkouts have a slightly higher conversion rate & allow for better data collection.
That’s why all e-commerce giants use them.

Material Design

Focus on the user and all else will follow with Material Design principles.
Multistep Checkout uses Google’s Material Design framework for form fields and buttons.

Material design principles were founded by Google in 2014. These design principles have been studied by many researchers and they concluded that it is the best way to show form fields and buttons. By using this optimized design we make sure that people find it as easy as possible to complete all forms in the checkout process.

Additionally, we use beautiful animations to attract the user focus to the right elements. All these optimizations will reduce dropout and increase your conversion. Try out an example of material design below.

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

Material Design

Analyze & Optimize Checkout Behavior

Multistep Checkout is completely compatible with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce.
Measure dropouts at each stage of the checkout process to gain insight in visitor behavior.

Magento 2 Multistep Checkout fully supports all features of Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce. That means we allow you to use the Checkout Behavior feature to it’s full extend. By measuring each step of the checkout process as separate event you can easily tell at what stage in the checkout people dropout.

With the resulting data in your analytics reports you can easily see the checkout funnel and make conclusions about the checkout behavior. For example, maybe you see that a lot of people dropout at the shipping step. That might mean that there is confusion about delivery dates or that your shipping costs are too high.

Multistep Checkout enables you to make conclusions that allow you to experiment and optimize the full shopping experience.

Checkout Behavior Analytics

Full of handy features

We are ever extending the features of our plugin by listening to our users.

Responsive layout

Customizable design

Seperate CSS/JS/HTML

CMS Blocks areas

Responsive layout

Customizable design

Seperate CSS/JS/HTML

CMS Blocks areas


Some companies that are successfully using Magento 2 Multistep Checkout.

Modern Minds

When we introduced Multistep Checkout to our clients we noticed a big increase in conversion. Compared to Magento native checkout this plugins offers a much better experience for shoppers.

Roman Markovski – CEO

With Multistep Checkout we can now measure dropouts at each step. This allowed us to optimize each step with a data-driven method and resulted in a 15% increase in sales in just 4 months.

Marco Luciano – Marketing Director

Even though the average checkout completion time increased with 1 minute, we noticed that we have way less abandoned carts after the implementation of Multistep Checkout. 

Romanov Proznek – CEO

Professional plugins & support

As full-service e-commerce provider we introduce online marketing best practices in our extensions.

  • We know all about e-commerce. Instead of solely focusing on development we know about online marketing en e-commerce best practices.
  • We have the best support. A good plugin needs good support. In case you run into trouble and need our help, we are always here to help you out.
  • Innovative plugins and extensions. Our plugin and extension are unique, written in a best practice approach and help you to reach your business goals.
  • 1. E-commerce Strategy

    Our plugins are written to support e-commerce goals of online businesses. We combine strategy with software development.

  • 2. Online Marketing

    Our e-commerce experts always keep in mind online marketing best practices. Our plugins support you with SEO, advertising and other marketing channels.

  • 3. Plugin Development

    Our developers build the best e-commerce extensions and tools for both WordPress (WooCommerce) and Magento.


Feel free to contact us in case your question does not appear in this list.

What version of Magento do you support?

Magento 2 Multistep Checkout is compatible out-of-the-box with Magento Open (Community), Magento Commerce (Enterprise) 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x.. It does not support CE, EE 2.0.x.

How to install this plugin?

Please follow the installation instructions in the installation manual section on this page.

Is the license a monthly fee?

The license is a once-off fee. You only need to pay for it once to keep using the plugin forever.

Can I install Multistep Checkout on my test server?

Yes, you can install the plugin without license on your test server. If you go to My Account on this website you can change the licensed domain for your license key. So if you first activate it for your test environment you can later change the domain to your production domain.

Is Multistep Checkout compatible with other modules?

Magento 2 Multistep Checkout is compatible with most 3rd-party plugins. We made sure to cover all major payment and shipping plugins.

Does this plugin support multi-stores?

Magento 2 Multistep Checkout does support multi-store setup. You can change the configuration of the plugin and adapt it to each store.

I am using a custom theme. Is it compatible with my theme?

We try to make this plugin compatible with all major themes. In some unlikely cases it can cause conflicts, in that case we would kindly ask you to contact support.

Is Multistep Checkout responsive?

Multistep Checkout is responsive and optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

What are the differences among Multistep Checkout, One Step Checkout and Magento 2 default Checkout?

The difference is that Multistep Checkout provides an optimal checkout experience instead of gathering all checkout information in one big step. Research showed that for many stores a multistep checkout will increase your sales.

Convinced? Order now

Don’t wait any longer. Optimize and speedup your checkout to increase your sales.

License Details

Expiration Never. (Lifetime license)
Limit Unlimited uses and activations.

Additional information

Compatible with Magento:

1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 2.0, 2.1


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