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Hireserve Wordpress Plugin

Hireserve WordPress Plugin

 40,00  9,95 inc. VAT

Free SupportWith this plugin you can connect your account with your WordPress website. Import XML Feeds with the newest job listings to your WordPress website and keep them in sync or let visitors apply online to your vacancies.

  • Integrate your WordPress site with
  • Job listing page
  • Job detail page
  • Apply button (Linkedin and Facebook integration)
  • Choose synchronization time limit
  • Manually upload XML feeds (optional)
  • Add custom HTML/headers (banners) to job detail pages
Magento Email Collector Quiz Tool

Magento 1 Email Collector Quiz Tool

 50,00  29,95 inc. VAT

Free SupportWith the Magento Email Collector Quiz Tool you can setup a quiz to collect email-addresses of potential customers within the blink of an eye. Ask visitors to answer a few multiple choice questions in a themed quiz and let them invite friends by email to create a viral effect and thus more leads!

  • Create unlimited amount of short quizzes and customize your theme
  • Choose full background background images or video’s
  • Support for multiple choice and text field answer
  • Allows sharing of the quiz through email or social media
  • Invite a friend with customized email templates
  • Export of emailaddresses and results in CSV or XML
  • Language and storeview support
Magento Newsletter Popup

Magento 1 Newsletter Popup

 40,00  19,95 inc. VAT

Free SupportThe Magento Newsletter Popup Extension will show a popup with a special offer (download or discount) in return for subscribing to the newsletter. After subscription the subscriber will be forwarded to a custom landing page or download link. Both notification popup and exit intent popups are supported.

  • Customizable notification-like popup with newsletter subscription
  • Set trigger time, amount of displays per user
  • Use static blocks to customize the popup design/text
  • Choose a confirmation/landing page after subscription
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Magento 1 Shop2Mobi QR Code Productfeed

 50,00  39,95 inc. VAT

Free SupportThe Shop2Mobi Product Feed extension generates a product feed for This plugin enables you to sell your products in the offline world using QR Codes in virtual shelves. Target your customers both online and offline.

  • Generate QR Codes in bulk for your products
  • Advanced scan & sale (geo)statistics
  • Full Google Analytics integration
  • Automatically pre-filled Virtual Shelf template with product QR Codes
  • Put QR Codes on your invoices for easy re-ordering
  • Publish QR Codes in door-to-door flyers and enable people to buy at home with their smartphones or tablets

Create your own pop-up store with NFC and QR in 5 simple steps and start selling in high-traffic areas now!

Magento AFAS ERP Integration

Magento 2 AFAS ERP Integration

 0,00 inc. VAT

Free SupportAre you using AFAS ERP Solution and would you like to make use of the Magento platform? With our Magento AFAS ERP Integration Extension we allow you to easily integrate your AFAS with Magento. Share customers, catalogs, products, inventory, orders, prices, attributes and other data between both platforms.

This plugin is not an instant download. In case you want to acquire this plugin please contact us.

Magento 2 Translation Manager

Magento 2 Bulk Translation Manager

 185,00 inc. VAT

Best Choice for Magento 2Magento 2 Bulk Translation Manager extension allows you to easily translate strings for all languages inside blocks, cms pages, theme files and modules. By generating a combined CSV file with all translatable strings for all languages in your shop you can easily translate the necessary strings.

Translate your site in bulk and save time with your webshop translations.

  • Search for {{trans “”}} strings inside pages, blocks, emails
  • Search for translatable text inside JS, PHTML & modules
  • Combine all translations in 1 big CSV file for easy translation
  • CSV file of translations with each locale as a seperate column


Magento 2 Magic Login Link

Magento 2 Magic Login Link

 65,00 inc. VAT

Best Choice for Magento 2 Magento 2 Magic Login Link automatically sends an email with a one-time login link to your customers when they have entered a wrong password. This allows your customers to easily login without annoying captcha of password resets.

E-commerce leaders like Amazon all choose for one-time login links to reduce any friction that customers might have during login. Increase your conversion with this module by helping your returning customers.

  • Optimize the login experience
  • Reduce friction and annoyance for logins
  • Supports customized email templates
  • Set number of attempts & expire period


Magento 2 Newsletter Subscription Discount Extension

Magento 2 Newsletter Subscription Discount

 65,00 inc. VAT

Best Choice for Magento 2 Magento 2 Newsletter Subscription Discount is the single most effective way to increase your newsletter subscription rates in your Magento 2 store. By providing your customers with a reward for their subscription you can increase the amount of subscribers.

Our module allows you to easily generate discounts when customers subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Generate voucher codes automatically
  • Include discount codes inside your emails
  • Set discount amount, type, etc…
  • Checks if subscriber already received a discount


Magento 2 Personalization Module

Magento 2 Personalization Module

 139,00 inc. VAT

Best Choice for Magento 2Magento 2 Personalization Module allows you to personalize your webshop to specific marketing segments. Show different content for different customer groups & behavior to give your customers a more personalized experience.

Increase your conversion and sales by targeting different visitor segments based on order history, demographics or site actions.

  • Dynamic content for CMS pages, blocks, XML-layout, PHTML.
  • Unlimited amount of segments based on demographics, sales, site behavior.
  • Fully compatible with Amasty Customer Segmentation Extension
  • Support for different store views


WordPress Magento 2 Integration Plugin

Magento 2 WordPress Integration Plugin

 200,00  179,95 inc. VAT

Free SupportCombine the powerful e-commerce solution Magento 2 with the excellent CMS capabilities of WordPress. This plugin integrates Magento 2 with WordPress so users will have an unified user experience. Seamlessly integrate your Magento 2 and WordPress theme!

  • Integrate Magento theme design with WordPress header/footer
  • Use Magento products in your WordPress editor
  • Use shortcodes to pull products, layout blocks, and static blocks in the WordPress editor
  • Widgets to display static blocks, product slider, single product or cart


WooCommerce sync

WooCommerce <-> (Voorraad) Synchronisatie

LET OP: De v2.0 API van is deprecated. Stap nu over op de Woosa WooCommerce ↔️ plugin. Onze plugin wordt niet meer geüpdatet en per 31 december 2019 niet meer ondersteund.

Synchroniseer je WooCommerce voorraad nu automatisch met met deze WordPress plugin. Nooit meer uiteenlopende voorraden of ‘nee’ verkopen via Installatie en sync binnen 5 minuten voor Zakelijke klanten. 100% nauwkeurig en accuraat!

  • Elke [x] minuten automatische voorraadsynchronisatie
  • Frequentie zelf in te stellen
  • Knop voor directe handmatige synchronisatie
  • [NIEUW] Werkt met meerdere shops en één account
  • Volledig compatible met nieuwste API versie
  • Werkt naast je productinvoer, update alleen de voorraad
  • Gebaseerd op SKU (eigen referentie)
  • Geen dure ontwikkelaars, gewoon een simpele plugin
  • Stock updates goedgekeurd door
  • Variaties en simple products ondersteund
  • One-way synchronisatie mogelijk!

Zaken doen met wordt een stuk makkelijker!

Zendesk Chat Configurator

Zendesk (Zopim) Chat for WordPress

 15,00  9,95 inc. VAT

Zendesk Chat (Zopim) is a great chat service and part of the Zendesk family. But did you know you can use one account on multiple sites, while still having completely different settings and design?

If you have a number of sites, shops or customers who want to use the chat from one account, you can now fully customize all the parts of the Zendesk Chat per site. This plugin for WordPress is very intuitive, explanatory and easy to use. It is compatible with all versions of WordPress and can be used with WPML, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and their respective plugins.