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Superb modules and extensions for Magento that will help you boost your online ecommerce store sales! Below you can find top quality professional eCommerce extensions which are beautifully coded, easy to use, and packed with features that will take your Magento store to the next level. Our Magento 1 & 2 modules help merchants enhance their eCommerce platform and provide shoppers with a better user experience.
WordPress Magento 2 Integration Plugin

Magento 2 WordPress Integration Plugin

€ 79,95

Combine the powerful e-commerce solution Magento 2 with the excellent CMS capabilities of WordPress. This plugin integrates Magento 2 with WordPress so users will have an unified user experience. Share session/cart data, navigation menus, header, footer, products, layout elements and static blocks by using shortcodes or functions.

Magento 2 Personalization Module

Magento 2 Personalization Module

€ 139

Magento 2 Personalization Module allows you to personalize your webshop to specific marketing segments. Show different content for different customer groups & behavior to give your customers a more personalized experience. Compatible with Amasty Segments plugin.

Magento 2 Translation Manager

Magento 2 Bulk Translation Manager

€ 185

Magento 2 Bulk Translation Manager extension allows you to easily translate strings for all languages inside blocks, cms pages, theme files and modules. By generating a combined CSV file with all translatable strings for all languages in your shop you can easily translate the necessary strings.

Magento 2 Magic Login Link

Magento 2 Magic Login Link

€ 65

Magento 2 Magic Login Link automatically sends an email with a one-time login link to your customers when they have entered a wrong password. This allows your customers to easily login without annoying captcha of password resets. E-commerce leaders like Amazon all choose for one-time login links to reduce any friction that customers might have during login. Increase your conversion with this module by helping your returning customers.

Magento 2 Newsletter Subscription Discount Extension

Magento 2 Newsletter Subscription Discount

€ 65

Magento 2 Newsletter Subscription Discount is the single most effective way to increase your newsletter subscription rates in your Magento 2 store. By providing your customers with a reward for their subscription you can increase the amount of subscribers. Our module allows you to easily generate discounts when customers subscribe to your newsletter.

Magento AFAS ERP Integration

Magento 2 AFAS ERP Integration

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Are you using AFAS ERP Solution and would you like to make use of the Magento platform? Magento AFAS ERP Integration Extension allows you to easily integrate your AFAS with Magento. Share customers, catalogs, products, inventory, orders, prices, attributes and other data between both platforms.

Magento Shop2Mobi QR Code Productfeed

Magento 1 Shop2Mobi QR Code Productfeed

€ 39,95

The Shop2Mobi Product Feed extension generates a product feed for This plugin enables you to sell your products in the offline world using QR Codes in virtual shelves/stores. It is also possible to generate QR Codes in bulk for each product in your store. Target your customers both online and offline.

Magento Email Collector Quiz Tool

Magento 1 Email Collector Quiz Tool

€ 29,95

With the Magento Email Collector Quiz Tool you can setup a quiz to collect email-addresses of potential customers within the blink of an eye. Ask visitors to answer a few multiple choice questions in a themed quiz and let them invite friends by email to create a viral effect and thus more leads!

Magento Newsletter Popup

Magento 1 Newsletter Popup

€ 19,95

The Magento Newsletter Popup Extension will show a popup with a special offer (download or discount) in return for subscribing to the newsletter. After subscription the subscriber will be forwarded to a custom landing page or download link. Both notification popup and exit intent popups are supported.