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Magento 2 Multistep Checkout (G Index staat uit)

 219,00 inc. VAT

Best Choice for Magento 2 Magento 2 Multistep Checkout is the single most effective way to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase conversion in your Magento 2 store. The original checkout process shipped with the Magento platform is slow and not optimized.

E-commerce leaders like Amazon, Walmart and Zalando all choose for a multistep checkout. That’s why you should use our fast multistep checkout.

  • Optimized multistep checkout experience
  • Material design for higher conversion
  • Based on Amazon & Zalando checkout
  • Supports payment & shipping modules


WooCommerce <-> (Voorraad) Synchronisatie

LET OP: De v2.0 API van is deprecated. Stap nu over op de Woosa WooCommerce ↔️ plugin. Onze plugin wordt niet meer geüpdatet en per 31 december 2019 niet meer ondersteund.

Synchroniseer je WooCommerce voorraad nu automatisch met met deze WordPress plugin. Nooit meer uiteenlopende voorraden of ‘nee’ verkopen via Installatie en sync binnen 5 minuten voor Zakelijke klanten. 100% nauwkeurig en accuraat!

  • Elke [x] minuten automatische voorraadsynchronisatie
  • Frequentie zelf in te stellen
  • Knop voor directe handmatige synchronisatie
  • [NIEUW] Werkt met meerdere shops en één account
  • Volledig compatible met nieuwste API versie
  • Werkt naast je productinvoer, update alleen de voorraad
  • Gebaseerd op SKU (eigen referentie)
  • Geen dure ontwikkelaars, gewoon een simpele plugin
  • Stock updates goedgekeurd door
  • Variaties en simple products ondersteund
  • One-way synchronisatie mogelijk!

Zaken doen met wordt een stuk makkelijker!

Magento 2 AFAS ERP Integration

 0,00 inc. VAT

Free SupportAre you using AFAS ERP Solution and would you like to make use of the Magento platform? With our Magento AFAS ERP Integration Extension we allow you to easily integrate your AFAS with Magento. Share customers, catalogs, products, inventory, orders, prices, attributes and other data between both platforms.

This plugin is not an instant download. In case you want to acquire this plugin please contact us.


Magento 2 WordPress Integration Plugin

 50,00  39,95 inc. VAT

Free SupportCombine the powerful e-commerce solution Magento 2 with the excellent CMS capabilities of WordPress. This plugin integrates Magento 2 with WordPress so users will have an unified user experience. Seamlessly integrate your Magento 2 and WordPress theme!

  • Integrate Magento theme design with WordPress header/footer
  • Use Magento products in your WordPress editor
  • Use shortcodes to pull products, layout blocks, and static blocks in the WordPress editor
  • Widgets to display static blocks, product slider, single product or cart



Magento 1 Newsletter Popup

 40,00  19,95 inc. VAT

Free SupportThe Magento Newsletter Popup Extension will show a popup with a special offer (download or discount) in return for subscribing to the newsletter. After subscription the subscriber will be forwarded to a custom landing page or download link. Both notification popup and exit intent popups are supported.

  • Customizable notification-like popup with newsletter subscription
  • Set trigger time, amount of displays per user
  • Use static blocks to customize the popup design/text
  • Choose a confirmation/landing page after subscription

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Modern Modules is part of a Dutch ecommerce company that develops high quality e-commerce plugins for both Magento and WordPress. Our mission is to provide unique plugins which can make your Magento store more profitable or help to generate more income with your WordPress site. By providing high quality code, great user experience and excellent support you will get what you deserve.

Our professional team supports you is the best possible way so that you don’t have to worry about becoming more successful with your store! The main development team is part of, the Dutch ecommerce company behind the development of the plugins on this site. For more information about our team you can take a look at ‘Who we are‘.

Plugin Development

Why Modern Modules?

As full-service e-commerce provider we introduce online marketing best practices in our extensions.

  • We know all about e-commerce. Instead of solely focusing on development we know about online marketing en e-commerce best practices.
  • We have the best support. A good plugin needs good support. In case you run into trouble and need our help, we are always here to help you out.
  • Innovative plugins and extensions. Our plugin and extension are unique, written in a best practice approach and help you to reach your business goals.
  • 1. E-commerce Strategy

    Our plugins are written to support e-commerce goals of online businesses. We combine strategy with software development.

  • 2. Online Marketing

    Our e-commerce experts always keep in mind online marketing best practices. Our plugins support you with SEO, advertising and other marketing channels.

  • 3. Plugin Development

    Our developers build the best e-commerce extensions and tools for both WordPress (WooCommerce) and Magento.

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